What is Website Design and How Does it Work

Website design refers to anything involved in creating the front end user interface for a website. The images, navigation bars, titles and text are all coded in using different programming languages depending on what type of effect you’re attempting to achieve. For non-technical people, the amount of work that goes into creating even the most simple web page can seem really intimidating.

Website Design Coding

All aspects of website design boil down to coding. Any website that you visit, like Facebook, Netflix or even the site you’re reading this on, is coded. Anyone can learn to code, and many compare coding to learning a foreign language. For web developers, HTML, CSS and JavaScript are some of the most commonly used tools.Example HTML of Website Design

HTML and CSS are used to change the page’s structure and style. These are front end tools that are used to change the way a website looks and feels to the user. Every website is made up of hundreds or thousands of lines of code, or instructions, so your browser knows what to display. HTML and CSS tell your browser what to show you and where everything goes. If your site has graphics, the coding will tell the browser where the images go, where the text goes and how everything comes together.

In the early stages of the internet, there was only HTML. Today, there are numerous programming languages available, though HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the most commonly used in web design. Video games, computer programs and other technology uses different types of program languages, like C#, .NET and more.

Creating a Website

If you’re not a programmer, but want to create a website, you have 2 options. First, you can hire a programmer. Computer programming is one of the highest paid occupations in the country, so it may be cost prohibitive if you are just trying to make a site for a hobby, club or other venture with a low budget.

The second option is to use a website building tool or template. There are several free and low-cost options available. These tools let you customize a pre-made website template with a title, images and text. You’ll have less control of the layout and background, but full control of the content.

Whether you choose to hire a programmer or use an online website builder will depend on your budget and your needs. Companies looking to create unique sites for customers to find their brand or products should hire a developer/designer that can create a custom website design, while individuals looking to share knowledge about their hobby can use a website building program.