Website Design Changes Expected in 2015

What makes website designing an in demand job for 2015? Well, this year most website owners are looking for innovate designs that will help them to increase traffic and leads. Remember that your website is the face of your business. If your site is not visually appealing, there is a greatly reduced opportunity to impress your potential customers.

This year i.e. 2015, changing your website design is a good idea in order to attract more visitors and turn them into loyal customers. Back in 2014, the trends in website design veered toward flat designs, grid layouts, background videos, and HTML5 APIs.

Now that the competition is getting more intense, which technologies will define 2015? Below are some website design ideas from brightest developers, designers, and thinkers

  1. Upgraded responsive design. According to some designers the industry must continue to maintain simplicity and beauty on their web pages. However, it should be more interactive than ever. With the increased number of mobile users, it is important that your website can be easily scrolled and clicked in big and small screens. In fact, online users are more into scrolling than clicking. On the very first page of your website, your visitors are expecting to get a preview of what you can offer to them inside. As expected, responsive website design will continue to improve to offer a seamless user-friendly experience on different platforms.
  2. Bigger and bolder background images. The typography affects the overall aesthetics of the website. In 2015, there is an expected change in font sizes and images. A responsive typography is more effective in providing a better reading experience. Expect that your competitors will have a website with massive background images along with subtle parallax effects and rich typography.
  3. High Definition Backgrounds. With the increasing number of movies released in 3D, online users expect that website design will soon also be in 3D. Web designers are learning to get the best of three-dimensional graphics as part of today’s web design evolution. Expect also that responsive HD video and dynamic backgrounds on many websites. I expect that the big budget websites will probably do it, but, I cannot see all websites going 3D any time in the near future or even middle future.
  4. Ghost Buttons. Sometimes, a business website only needs to have a minimal yet stylish interface feature. This will attract the visitor’s attention in a subtle way. Using a hover animation is a good idea to make a website design with the touch of elegance. This year, ghost buttons will definitely create a huge change in websites.

As technology evolves, user habits change so website design should too. At this time, websites need to be more interactive with rich media content and cool navigation. This will make your business shine over your competitors.

More Website Design Changes

When it comes to website design in 2015, the experts expect changes in the following:

  • The use of a logo to help brand your website, and images.
  • The use of a coordinated color scheme.
  • The look and feel must align with your overall brand and image.

Expect that website design will become increasingly vital to the success of your business over the next three to five years. Of course, don’t forget that a great design alone is not enough. Make sure that every blog post and web page has the right search engine optimization elements.

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