Some SEO Tips for Galway Business Sites

Located in the west of Ireland, Galway is a beautiful town located right on the water. It offers breathtaking views, history, and culture. This is one of the main reasons tourism is a big industry here. Despite this, it can’t be forgotten that Galway is also a busy city with a large population and an active economy. For businesses in this part of Ireland, it is important to focus on improving their local SEO so that they can have a strong online presence that can capitalize off of one the largest populations in Ireland and year round tourists. Below are some SEO tips for Galway business sites:

Build a Responsive Site

More so than ever before, it is important that your business website be built in a way that it is responsive to the user. Why? Because more and more of your potential clients will be viewing your site on their phones or tablets (especially tourists to the Galway, Ireland area). The easier your site is to navigate the longer they will stay on it, so make sure when they access it your site will automatically resize to fit their screen.

Interact and Build a Local Presence

Since you are working on building the SEO of your local business and site, it is important that you have a very local online presence. Build active social media accounts so that you can interact with your current and prospective customers. This includes a Google+ page, which you should have verified. Additionally, make sure your location on Google Maps is correct and up to date so that you can easily be found.

Use the NAP+W rule on these, and any other, local pages. This simply means to make sure your name, address, phone number, and website address is always listed and easy to find. You may want to also include information that customers are looking for like business hours and directions. On that note, encourage reviews on your social media pages and on directories like Yelp. Take the the time to respond to any negative ones or any questions, so that readers and followers see that you are a real person. That local charm and connection is what they are looking for!

Optimize on Your Website

Your site should be working to help you. Optimize your page by having a title that includes Galway in it. Your meta description should include keywords, but also be enticing to the reader, and make them want to click through to your site. Keep it short, a meta description gets cut off after 160 characters in Google. Lastly, images should have relevant keywords.

Share your Address

Get the word out to all of Galway! Every opportunity you get you should be sharing your web address, and driving visitors to your site, which in turn will build your SEO and increase your popularity. Turn once again to your social media pages. Without overloading anyone, share links back to your site often in posts. If you send out an email blast to customers or a newsletter, include your web address in the text, as well as at the top or bottom.

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