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Welcome to our new blog. We have not had an on site blog before, so our first post is going to be about blogs.

A blog is a section of a website where the admin can post news, updates, comments and opinions etc. The posts usually appear in last in first out (LIFO) order i.e. Last item posted is shown first, i.e. at the top of the page. The blog often contains a comment section under each post where the reader can comment and ask questions about that post and previous comments from other readers.

Generally speaking, the same rules apply to blogs as they do to other types website. i.e. it should have valid code, be properly optimised, have quality content etc., but they are generally less formal than most other pages on a website.

Search Engines like quality content, especially if it is new and informative. So, make your posts interesting and unique. Don’t just rehash what you find on other websites. That does not mean that you cannot discuss the same topics or even mention other blogs and websites. Just the opposite, but you should try to add something useful to the conversation and credit the authors by linking to their page, especially if you quoted them.

Why Blog?

Blogging helps to keep you and your business in touch with the your existing clients and may well attract new clients. One important feature of a blog is its comment section. It allows clients to interact with admin easily. Users can post comments, reply, clear any doubt and share the blog on their social networks if they find it worthwhile and interesting. It is also a way to update your clients about new developments in your industry or in your company.

Each Quality Blog Post Improves Your Rankings

Everybody Wants to Blog
Everybody Wants to Blog

All day every day there are people all around the world searching for something on the search engines. It is impossible to optimise one page or even a few pages for all the keywords and key-phrases that you want to rank for. A blog is a great way to add content to your website that will help you to rank for the ones that you cannot cover in your other pages.

The more quality content optimised for your keywords the more targeted traffic your website is likely to get.

I have Facebook and Twitter

“I don’t need a blog. I have Facebook and Twitter.” This is what a lot of people say to me when I tell them that they should have a blog. Facebook is great and very useful for businesses. I highly recommend that all businesses get a Facebook page and a Twitter account. It is now an essential part of every business’s online strategy. They work hand in hand with your website and blog.

Blogs keeps websites alive. Google and other search engines crawl websites at regular intervals looking for updates to keep their index up to date. The sites which have most fresh and updated content are crawled most often, unless they are full of rubbish. If the blog added to the site is useful and informative, people will also visit the site more often and this increases the likelihood of them doing business with you.

Blog Ideas

So what will you blog about. Blog ideas are not that hard to find if you look around. If there is nothing new worth writing about in your company, there is surely some new development in your industry. Check out the forums and blogs that you and your colleagues usually go to an see if you can answer questions or solve problems that are of interest to the visitors there. Add a blog post about this and link to the site from which you got the idea..

Using Keywords

Using keywords is a skill. As with any web page, it is important to use the right keywords and use them properly. If you do not do this properly the search engines will not know what our page is about and will have difficulty indexing it properly. This means that your post may not get the traffic it deserves from them.

Blog for your Business

Having a blog as part of your marketing strategy is essential to your business success. Just about every company worth its salt has some sort of blog. Have a look at these: The 10 Best Company Blogs in the World. It’s a great way to generate traffic, and communicate with customers. Ideally you should update your blog several times a week. But, who has time for that? Anything between once a week and a couple of times a month is ok. But, as long as it is quality content, the more the better.

You can always Link to other articles and blogs. You may think that every blog post has to be an original article. However, you can always do a quick summary of or quote from an article on a different website and just link to that article. Some of the biggest blogs out there started by just summarizing and linking to larger stories hosted on other sites. There are still many well known blogs doing just that. Just remember not to plagiarize the work of others.

Use Survey Questions

Ask a question on any popular topic or news item, and compile the responses into one long post or a series of posts discussing the topic and the results of the survey.

Have Someone Contribute A Blog Post

Be careful when doing this. You can always invite people from your circle of friends or people in related businesses who are not competing with you to write an article for your blog. Review the article for quality before post it to your blog and send it back for correction if it is not up to your standard. Of course you’ll want to give credit to the author and allow the author to link to a site they have that may compliment your blog post.

Post A Video

Not all blog posts need to be written articles. A quick video not only can add extra personalization to your blog site but it adds variety. People love videos and it can help your regular blog post to have a video on the page. The text can describe what is in the video and they can help each other to rank your post.

Do An Interview

You’d be surprised how many people within your social circle can be great sources for an interview. For example if you know someone who’s a musician you can interview him or her on that. Someone who’s a designer, flight attendant, computer tech can also be great interview topics. You can turn that interview into a written or video blog post.


A unique blog post is not only business or profit-focused, it is written keeping in mind for the needs of readers and visitors to the blog. The prime purpose should be to inform. Fresh quality posts will automatically attract people to you.

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