Web Design Galway – Websites and SEO for Small Businesses

Every day it becomes more and more important to advertise, to get your name in front of your potential customers. If they don’t know that you exist, how can they buy anything from you? So it would make sense for anyone who is in business or who wants to get their name “out there” to have a website, or as people like to say these days “a presence on the internet”. In fact, everyone from an ordinary individual or a church or club to a multinational corporation can benefit in some way from having a good web site.

Having a website online is only part of the story. First you must give some thought to what you want from your web site. What will you have there that will attract visitors? What do you want them to do when they get there? What will bring them back again and again? How your site is designed will depend on how you answer these questions. Then you must keep the website up to date and make any changes that might be needed during the year to keep it fresh and attractive to your visitors.

You will need a suitable domain name. Ideally, your domain name will be short and include one or two of your site’s keywords and be easy to spell and remember.

Depending on how elaborate your site is to be you may need to commission some graphic design as well as web design. To rank well for your keywords you will need to have your website optimised for the search engines. Search engine optimisation (aka SEO) is not always included in the cost of web design. In fact many web designers do not even know how to optimise a web site for the search engines or what needs to be done off-site to rank near the top.

To help improve brand recognition, it is always a good idea to have a logo. This will help people to remember you, your product or your service. The simpler the logo is the better, because it will be easier to remember and recognise. Your logo will be displayed in a prominent position on every page of your web site.

Your website is very often your first point of contact with potential customers. It is therefore vital to your business that it is a web site that will make the right impression on your visitors. Remember your competitors are just a click away. Desktop Web Design Sites are designed to suit your needs. They are tidy and efficient with W3C compliant code and optimised to target the search terms of your choice.

The web designers at Desktop Web Design will help you with your domain name selection, web design, logo design, search engine optimisation, site maintenance and anything else you need for your website. If there is anything you are unsure of, please give us a call on 353 91 596622 or 353 85 1057555. Or email us at: Desktop Web Design. We will be happy to help.